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Providing self-service dog washing facilities for dog owners in North East England.

Open 24 Hours a Day

7 Days a Week

No appointment necessary

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Taking any dog out for the day, especially in areas that a dog likes to play, will invariably mean getting messy, especially with the UK weather!  Returning home from a day in the park or day at the beach is much less appealing when you must first clean the dog, then clean the bath and then the car interior.


Spending 10 minutes at a Self-Service Dog wash adds a pleasant end to the day for both the owner and their dogs. 


Today, dog owners will often wash their dog at home in their own bathroom, perhaps adding a monthly trip to a dog groomer. Regularly bathing their dog at home will often mean backache leaning over the dog and cleaning the mess in a bathroom afterwards.


Visiting a self-service dog wash unit makes it easy to clean dogs in a pet safe and pet friendly environment.

NE Dog Wash customer - Labrador

Really easy to use. So happy to see the amount of mud come off in there and not in my car or house. 5* service.

Laura B

Amazing idea! Came in very handy this morning after a very muddy walk. The dog smells so good!

Gemma W

Brilliant, thank you. My dogs never looked so clean and I don't have the car interior to contend with!

David M

Absolutely amazing after a very muddy walk. Excellent value and lovely smelling shampoo & conditioner.

Gemma J


Visiting a self-service dog wash unit for 10 minutes makes it easy to clean dogs in a safe and pet friendly environment. Further advantages are:

  • Taking a clean dog home after a walk in the unreliable UK weather (especially in the North!)

  • Cars are not unnecessarily dirtied by muddy paws

  • No backache from washing a dog over your personal bath

  • Not having to clean your bathroom after a dog wash

  • No appointment necessary 

  • Contactless payment

  • Access 7 days a week to most sites

  • Pleasant smelling clean dog

  • Completely pet safe environment 


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